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Houston High School ribbon cutting

New Houston High School building opens over 4 years after 2018 quake

The 7.1-magnitude quake damaged roads, houses, and other infrastructure, and did irreparable damage to Houston Middle School.
a Juneau courtroom

Former Juneau chiropractor now accused of sexual assault by 14 patients faces more charges

Jeffrey Fultz was arraigned Wednesday after two more women accused him of assaulting them under the guise of medical treatment.
the Willow project

New revenue estimate for Willow project presents rosier picture for Alaska treasury

Changed assumptions about tax credits, oil prices and other factors resulted in an estimate of early cash losses over a shorter period.
an oil facility in a remote, snowy area

Alaska regulators examine ConocoPhillips’ 2022 Alpine gas leak near Nuiqsut

ConocoPhillips says it now monitors well pressure more closely and would use more cement to reinforce its wells if needed.
Rows of cots are organized on the floor of an arena.

Politics and pessimism are weighing down Anchorage’s latest push for a new homeless shelter

City officials have repeatedly failed to establish new, low-barrier shelter spaces, and repeatedly fallen back on using the Sullivan Arena as one.

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an unofficial U.S.-Canada border crossing

U.S. and Canada reach a deal on migrants at unofficial border crossings

The deal is the Biden administration's latest move to discourage migrants from crossing the border illegally in order to seek asylum.
Shou Chew

Lawmakers turn up the heat on TikTok’s CEO in high-stakes hearing

The U.S. has offered no evidence that Chinese authorities have accessed Americans' TikTok data, but experts say it is a real possibility.
Florida mosquitoes

Uh-oh. A new tropical mosquito has come to Florida. The buzz it’s creating isn’t good

Scientists say climate change appears to be a factor making Florida and other parts of the U.S. welcoming to non-native mosquitoes.


Resources for aging Alaskans to stay in their home communities | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Teresa Holt, director of AARP Alaska, and Jacquie Braden, a community development program manager at RurAL CAP to discuss the challenges and resources available, for those looking to spend their golden years in their communities and lifelong homes.
Host Lori Townsend sits at a desk, with a monitor across from her showing the face of Dr. Oivind Toien

How understanding hibernation can help improve human medicine | Alaska Insight

On this episode of Alaska Insight, host Lori Townsend is joined by Dr. Kelly Drew and Dr. Oivind Toien, two researchers at the University of Fairbanks Alaska who are looking at the possible medical applications of understanding hibernation.

What is a Seed library? And how are they saving Alaska’s gardens? | INDIE ALASKA Seeing how much Alaska relies on imports for food and gardening, Melina Sevigny asked herself, how could she help it's food security? She started...
Above: Hurdles to resources can lead to isolation and the deterioration of health among older Alaskans. But many elders have found a solution that helps them to build community and maintain their physical and social wellbeing: water aerobics class. Alaska Public Media’s Elyssa Loughlin reports.

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